Don “Beefsteak” Discoe

Don "Beefsteak" Discoe

Beefsteak’s main mission is to reach out to kids and get them involved in the outdoors as much as possible. He knows getting kids into the outdoors is one of the best things to counteract “hunter-deficit disorder” commonly found in kids of today, helping them to lead a life of character and dependability.

Certified TYHP Huntmaster, Vanguard Awarded KOZ Leader (Kids Outdoor Zone) Ordained Deacon Jesus freak, long-distance motorcycle rider and Farmboy Strong with a self-reported ability to hyperfocus - uniquely able to postpone eating, sleeping and other personal needs and stay absorbed in the "urgent task" for an extended time.

If you want to know more about the notorious outlaw “Beefsteak Discoe” you’ll just have to find a copy of the Western Movie “Firebrands of Arizona” (1944 -Republic Pictures) to fully understand how deep it really goes… or email him at

Beefsteak Discoe